P's of Cake
 slicing and serving

The appeal and beauty of a cake is both the whole and the division of its parts. A cake should not fall apart, lest of all, lose its appeal when it is divided and served. With the design of Ps of Cake, the task of slicing and serving is a combined motion, which throughout its execution, never loses sight of the final outcome. Designed to work with cake sizes of 8 10 in diameter, Ps of cake approximates that the optimal serving slice is one-tenth of the circumference size. In one swift motion, the triangulated shape of the cutter is depressed neatly into the cake; the handle is clamped inwards to secure the slice for removal. Transferring the cake to the serving plate is completed by releasing the clamp pressure, gently lowering the sliced cake in pristine condition. Cheese bubble holes on the Ps of Cake are visually playful, while providing for a vacuum-less cutting process, necessary to the ease of slicing. Made from neon-edible plastic material selected for anti-bacteria, anti-adhesion and safe for consumption properties, Ps of Cake is a household product designed to stay.