Worldwide _ TOTORO                                              Created by Studio Ghibli

Totoro is a spirit of the forest. He
came completely from Miyazaki's imagination. He is obviously a mixture of several animals: raccoons, cats and owls.
There're three colors of Totoro:

Gray  : Big Totoro
Blue  : Medium Totoro
White: Little Totoro

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Worldwide _ Domo-kun                                                Created by NHK

DOMO is a strange creature born from an egg. One day
he fell into Usajii's house, the old rabbit likes TV. After
that he began to love watching TV.  He is gentle and
strong. When he is in a bad mood, he breaks wind.

Favorite food: Seasoned beef with potatoes
Disliked: Apple (There seems a mystery in his DNA)
Favorite talent: MAX and The guitar wolf

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WorldwideMonchhichi            Created by Sekiguchi

Monchhichi anime

Monchhichi-kun and Monchhichi-chan are
twin brother & sister. On Jan. 26th 1974,
Sekiguchi produced the very first
Monchhichi plush and ever since then,
they are adored by many for long time.
After explosive popularity in Japan,
Monchhichi's fan grew also in Europe and
USA. There are 27 official shops in Japan.
Monchhichis dress them up in fashionable
outfits and wait to greet you.

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WorldwideKewpie                             Created by Rose O'Neill

The Kewpies were first pictured in the
Ladies' Home Journal in 1909, drawn
by Rose O'Neill (1874-1944).

In 1910 they appeared in a 'Dotty Darling
and the Kewpies' series. Each story was
illustrated in verse and told of the
adventures of the Darling clan and their
Kewpie pals.

To quote Rose O'Neill, "Kewpie philosophy
takes the unwieldiness out of wisdom, puts
cheerio into charity and draws the fangs
of philanthropy. I have put all of my love of
humanity into this little image."

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