San-x character _ Kerori  Stress frog          designed by San-x

Today I am so depressed. But,
tomorrow I should get better.

 One day, this green frog went to bed feeling
 very depressed and upset. He hoped by the
 time he wakes up the next morning,
 everything will be better. But, when he woke
 up the next morning,  he found himself
 a white color frog.


 The Frog Goods


San-x character _ Tohoho  Tire dog                  designed by San-x

My name is Tohoho. No one not even me knows how the tire get on my head.  However,
the tire did help me swim better and roll faster when I am on the road. The bad part about having a tire stuck in your head is that it can block your hearing. Because the size of the tire in my head is smaller than a sedan wheel, when I run, I look like a single wheel car.

Tohoho dog and










San-x characterKogepan  Burnt bread   designed by San-x

Kogepan & his friends

 Kogepan is an oven bake red bean bun.
 He is sad, because he gets burnt all the


San-x characterRilakkuma  Relaxing bear designed by San-x

Rilakkuma likes to

 Rilakkuma means relaxed bear.  Another way of
 putting it would be lazy bear.  His favorite past
 times are sleeping, eating, watching television,
 listening to music, and hot spring bath. His favorite
foods are fish ball, pancakes, and puddings.

 Rilakkuma Goods

Rilakkuma & friends