New creation _ Gugu         designed by Guism

Gugu Gallery

Gugu is the most expressive character in the market. Arms, legs and each finger can be posed. The idea of simplicity putting in the design makes each expression so straightforward.

What is the story of Gugu?
There is no fixed story for Gugu since there is not only one Gugu in the world. The stories of Gugu in London and in Tokyo are definitely not the same, as well as Gugu in the other places. Each Gugu has its own stories. What is yours?

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New creation       designed by Atati

MONZA Collection

 MONZA a character collection caters
 to those that believe in fantasies
 like no other. It is a creation of very
 unique cartoon characters, each one
 having a different style & personality.
 Itís a perfect sense of style
 for the young.

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New creation Mummy    designed by Idealist

Mumby mummy was discovered in
2003 by idealist. 17" tall

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New creation _ Freaky family        designed by Idealist

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